Hi, thanks for visiting! My name is Harish Lingam.

An estimated 1 in 4 Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental illness any given year. Despite the prevalence of psychiatric issues in the US, large subsections of the population fail to receive appropriate treatment and care. Through this blog, I hope to illuminate some of the innovation and emergent trends within the mental and behavioral health space.

I became acquainted with many of the pain points in mental health care over the course of a close family member’s struggle with schizophreniform disorder. The inability to access specialized medical expertise, more easily identified in a large city or academic medical center, challenged his treatment. Promisingly, recent developments in medical technology have brought both improved access and innovative approaches to psychiatry, from diagnosis and treatment to therapy.

I grew up in the rustbelt town of Warren, Ohio, birthplace of the Packard Electric Company and Dave Grohl. I’ve worked in the biobehavioral sciences, consulted to banks and hospitals, and founded Laughing Matters, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the wellness space. I received my BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and completed postgraduate studies in the health and life sciences at Harvard University. I enjoy the outdoors, jazz percussion, art galleries, and 10Ks.